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  Complaint #      Address    Community    Parcel ID   
B2009042381415 WALNUT STHOUSINGCRIMINALWDC LLC07/14/2009issue condemnation building is collapsing 1) Is this a RESIDENTIAL building? YES 2) Is the Building standing open to trespassers? YES 3) What side of the building is open? Front Map It
HL050040791415 WALNUT STLITTERFINISHEDURBAN APPALACHIN COUNCIL06/16/2005vine street project--weeds 1) How tall are the grass or weeds on the property? over 10 inches 2) Where is the tall grass or weeds located on the property along cement wall Map It
CC200511401415 WALNUT STCONC CODECLOSED URBAN APPALACHIN COUNCIL05/09/2005Block 404 Vine St. Lab Phase IMap It

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